Friday Four

Lately I keep seeing tons of gorgeous wedding cakes all over Pinterest, and I thought I’d share my favorite four today.

1. This is such a great cake! I love the different textures and colors that are incorporated.



2. This beautiful cake is from a styled shoot by Hey Gorgeous Events. I think my jaw dropped the first time I saw it!



3. I do adore succulents (especially in weddings), and I love how simple the cake is. And the backdrop of the picture!!



4. This cake is actually from the same shoot as the first one (which I didn’t realize until now)! Apparently I really love these colors :). And I love how this one is so much simpler than the first but just as gorgeous and elegant!



Tomorrow we’re participating in our local Relay for Life, and then we head off to the coast of Maine for vacation!! Thank you baby Jesus. It’s been 6 months since we’ve seen each other for more than 2 days!! I’m crazy excited to finally have some time to relax and have fun after the last few months. Oh, and PS: I passed my practical final with flying colors. SO HAPPY THAT IT’S OVER.

Have a lovely weekend!!

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